What cereals do not need to be cooked: tips from Yevhen Klopotenko

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Buckwheat with egg and olives
Buckwheat with egg and olives. Source:

How often do you eat healthy cereals in soups and as a separate dish? Experts recommend including them in the diet every day, because each cereal is useful in its way, for example, buckwheat is very high in vitamin B, phospholipids, amino acids, and also contains arginine and threonine, which help improve lipid metabolism and prevent the formation of fatty deposits.

Why rice is good for you

Rice is healthy because it contains a lot of zinc and phosphorus, and it does not cause allergies because it does not contain gluten. It's worth noting that not all cereals need to be cooked to be truly healthy.

What cereals do not need to be cooked

Culinary expert Yevhen Klopotenko shared on Facebook which cereals do not need to be cooked and how to cook them properly.

Tips from the cook

1. Couscous

How to cook couscous correctly

The chef noted that it is enough to wash these cereals and pour boiling water over them, and they can be stored in a thermos.

Couscous with vegetables and cheese

2. Buckwheat

How to cook buckwheat quickly and deliciously

Wash the cereal thoroughly, pour boiling water or even cold water or juice, broth.

Brown buckwheat is already cooked, just dried
- Eugene Klopotenko
Buckwheat with meat

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