No baking: easy cottage cheese dessert with fruit in 10 minutes

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No-bake dessert

Desserts are not necessarily always about dough and sugar. Sour cream, yogurt, whites, berries, and fruits can be a great alternative.

What to make a summer dessert with

A cook shared a recipe for a delicious and light dessert with cottage cheese and canned pineapples on Instagram.



  • cottage cheese (5% and higher) - 800 g
  • instant gelatin - 30 g + 100 ml of cold water
  • canned pineapples (sweet) - 1 can (580 g standard can: 200 ml pineapple juice and 380 g pineapple)

Method of preparation:

1. Add cold water to gelatin, mix and set aside to swell.

Gelatin with water

2. Beat cottage cheese in a blender until smooth and add pineapple juice and liquid gelatin (melt for 25 seconds in a microwave or water bath, but do not let it get hot).

Cheese mass

3. Add pineapples cut into small pieces and sugar, if desired.


4. Pour the mixture into a mold, smooth it out, cover with cling film and refrigerate until it is completely set.

Ready-made dish

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