How to freeze herbs whole and why you need foil: secrets

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How to freeze greens for the winter. Source: Pexels

Every housewife would like to freeze herbs deliciously so that they look as if they had just been picked from the garden: fresh and flavorful. And this result can be achieved by using some life hacks. Just take foil out.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information and will tell you how to freeze whole greens and why use foil.

How to prepare and freeze herbs properly

The usual way to freeze herbs is to chop them, pack them in bags or put them in containers, and then freeze them. However, the result is not always satisfactory: after defrosting, the taste, aroma, and appearance of the green branches are significantly different from fresh ones.

Therefore, it is recommended to freeze greens in foil. Thus, you don't even have to chop them.

Rules for freezing greens in foil

How to freeze herbs in foil

1. First, wash and dry the bunches of herbs from moisture.

2. The foil must also be prepared, namely cut into rectangles that are slightly longer than the herbs so that there is space on the sides.

3. Put the herbs on the prepared rectangles and roll them. Excess air should be released, and the sides should be rolled up like a candy.

How to freeze greens without chopping them

4. Freeze greens in this way.

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