Homemade refreshing okroshka in 2 minutes: what to add

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Okroshka recipe. Source: Screenshot from Alina's YouTube video

A cool and refreshing okroshka is just what you need in the heat of the day. It can be made from a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs, and topped with sausage, meat, or eggs. The dressing can also be different: kvass, kefir, ayran, whey, and even beer.

Food blogger Maria Shtefan (mashe.nka_94) shared a recipe for okroshka with ayran, which you can easily prepare in 2 minutes if you have all the ingredients ready, on her Instagram page.

Recipe for okroshka with ayran


  • chicken thigh fillet
  • eggs
  • cucumber
  • dill
  • ayran
  • mustard
  • water

Method of preparation:

1. Prepare the meat in advance, namely boil until tender, cool and tear into pieces or cut into cubes.

2. Eggs should also be boiled until cooked and cut into cubes.

Ingredients for the dish

3. Cut the cucumber into cubes and chop the dill.

4. Mix all the prepared ingredients. Pour ayran over and mix.

Homemade okroshka with ayran

5. Add a little mustard and dilute the dish with water if desired. It's ready!

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