Homemade ice cream with cream, condensed milk and berries: recipe for the most delicious summer dessert

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Homemade ice cream can be made from cream, berries, fruit, and milk. To make it sweet, you can add ingredients other than sugar, such as honey and condensed milk.

Delicious homemade ice cream

The cook shared a recipe for delicious berry cream ice cream with condensed milk on Instagram.



  • cream 33% - 500 ml
  • condensed milk (raw) - 160 g
  • berries - 120 g

Method of preparation:

1. Grind berries through a sieve.

Berries for the dish

2. Whip cold cream to peaks, add condensed milk, mix and divide into two parts.

Cream with condensed milk

3. Add the berry puree and mix.


4. Pour the masses in the tray one by one, stir lightly and put in the freezer for about 5 hours.

Ready-made dish

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