Chefs named 9 dishes that should never be ordered in expensive restaurants

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Experienced chefs hint that these dishes will be a waste of money

So, you've decided to make yourself a present and have come to an expensive restaurant for dinner. The names of the dishes on the menu make your eyes dazzle – what to choose?

Experienced chefs say that at least half of the list can be safely rejected. Something is overpriced, something is always cooked not very carefully, and some dishes use substitutes for truly exquisite products. Eat This, Not That! magazine, on the advice of chefs, has compiled a list of 9 dishes that should not be ordered in an expensive restaurant.

Ice cream

As a rule, restaurants serve factory-made ice cream with a huge markup. If you really want this dessert, just pick up some more expensive variety at the supermarket. You're more likely to get a decent package, not two small balls, and at a much lower price. The only exceptions are restaurants that make ice cream in their kitchens or order from local confectioners.

Charcuterie and cheese boards

A beautiful display of meat or cheese slices looks great on Instagram photos, but it's still just cheese and just sausage. And there are quite a few common varieties. You can find something really exquisite and unusual in small cheese factories or smokehouses or at farmers' markets. And, again, the price of such menu items is always very high.

Unusual dishes that are essentially macaroni and cheese

What could be better than pasta sprinkled with cheese? Almost everyone loves it, and it takes no more than half an hour to prepare this "masterpiece" in your kitchen. However, restaurants sometimes add lobster pieces or truffle flakes to this super popular dish. The truth is, it's just a trick. There will be very few gourmet ingredients on the plate, the price tag will be huge, and in fact, the dish will remain the same macaroni and cheese.

Truffle flavored dishes

The truth is that a real truffle costs a lot of money. The cost of a kilogram of these mushrooms brought from Italy can reach 3 thousand dollars. That is, even one small piece per pan of a dish will make the portion very expensive. That's why restaurants use much cheaper truffle oil or truffle salt for such dishes, and the margin is very modest. In addition, fresh truffles can be found only in season, and this should be taken into account.

Shrimp cocktail

Another regular hero of Instagram feeds that is not worth the money. This is a simple dish, the ingredients for which are sold in any supermarket. And it is quite simple to prepare. The trick is in the beautiful presentation. It's up to you to decide if it's worth it.


Some restaurants serve bread as a free compliment to their guests. So, this dish is not something expensive and extremely sophisticated, even if a whole basket as a gift to each visitor does not affect the profits. Moreover, there's a little trick here – you can eat bread before the main course and not notice how small the portions are (and how huge the prices are). Some chefs say that bread can overwhelm the flavor of a truly delicious dish. The only exceptions are the unique varieties of bread that are baked in the restaurant of your choice.

Fried foods in batter or breading

If something really exquisite is hidden under a breaded shell, such as lobster or crab, then it is simply a crime against the delicacy to eat it mixed with a huge amount of flour and oil. And breading can also hide the fact that the filling is already somewhat overcooked. Experienced chefs do not advise ordering such things as a separate dish. However, if the breaded delicacy is part of a complex dish, then you can take a chance.


You should order this dish only in trusted steakhouses for which it is a specialty. They definitely pay great attention to the choice of meat. Most establishments prefer to save a little money on it. Therefore, they will serve you a mediocre piece for an inadequate price. Whereas you can cook something comparable at home. So it's better to just focus on the restaurant's specialties – they will definitely be delicious and unusual.

Kobe beef

Genuine Kobe beef is wagyu beef of the Tajima breed of Japanese black cow raised in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, in accordance with the rules set by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association. Everything else is imitation. Whether you are ready to overpay for imitation, answer yourself.

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