Boil or bake: how to cook vegetables to make them healthier

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How to cook vegetables to make them healthy. Source: Pixabay

Vegetables are most useful fresh. But there are also many ways to cook them, the most common of which are boiling and baking. However, in the process of cooking one of them, vegetables lose a significant part of their nutritional properties.

Nutritionist Sofia Rozhko (sofi_rozhko) shared on her Instagram page the best way to cook vegetables to make them more useful: boiling or baking.

How to cook vegetables in a healthy way

According to the expert, vegetables are healthier when baked.

What happens to vegetables when boiling

The fact is that when boiled, they lose most of their water-soluble vitamins. In particular, thiamine, folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, and vitamin C. If you do decide to eat boiled vegetables, it is best to do so in the form of borscht, soup, or various cream soups.

How to bake vegetables to make them healthy

Alternative methods include stewing, steaming, and even microwaving.

How to cook vegetables correctly

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