Don't make mistakes: when and with what to properly spray trees in the garden

Spraying is one of the best garden maintenance procedures. Source: Created with the help of AI

For the care of trees in the garden, such a procedure as sprinkling is ideal. It helps both fight diseases and pests and provide better nutrition. But how do you spray garden trees in a way that is safe for them? Especially during the flowering period.

OBOZ.UA asked what experienced gardeners advise on this matter. Their advice is easy to follow and will help you get a really rich harvest.

How to choose a care product

The easiest way is to choose one of the ready-made products that you can buy in stores and garden centers. They are both universal and designed specifically for different types of trees. To make the best choice, you can consult a specialist who will tell you the most suitable option. However, you can also prepare the spray mixture yourself. For example, you can make a Bordeaux or Burgundy mixture to protect trees.

When is the best time to spray the garden

It is necessary to fight diseases and pests at the first sign of a problem. Some products will also be effective for prevention. But it is important to follow one key rule: do not spray trees during flowering. This can harm pollinating insects and leave you without a crop at all. Wait until all the flowers have fallen off and then carry out the procedure. This will be the optimal time.

How to sprinkle the garden correctly

Manual spraying is unlikely to be effective when it comes to mature trees. Therefore, it is better to purchase a garden sprayer of the required volume for the procedure. So 12 liters of solution should be enough for 18-20 young trees.

Treat old plants first. They can carry infections and pest eggs from the previous season and infect fresh seedlings. It is also important to treat tall trees. Use a ladder to reach the very top.

It is important to spray not only the tree itself, but also the soil circle around the trunk. Pests can hibernate in this area and it is important to get rid of them as well.

Choose calm and dry weather for the procedure. It should be dry for at least 2-3 days after spraying for the product to work. The best time to spray the garden is in the evening.

Keep in mind that trees that bear fruit in the first half of summer (cherries, cherries, etc.) are treated only once. Late and autumn species can be sprinkled two or even three times.

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