Makeup will always be perfect: life hacks for dry skin

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Poor makeup can emphasize flakiness and irritation on the face. Source: Created with the help of AI

Dry skin is usually also very sensitive, so it needs careful care. And at the same time, it requires a special approach to makeup, because it may not fit perfectly and emphasize the driest areas.

Experts advise women with dry skin on several life hacks that will help make their makeup flawless. OBOZ.UA has collected them together. Use these tips one by one or combine them to achieve the best result.

Prepare your skin

If your skin is prone to flaking and irritation due to dryness, the first step to perfect makeup should be the preparatory stage. Include serums, moisturizers, and face sprays with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin in your routine. Applying them under makeup will revitalize and soften the skin.

Don't skip exfoliation

But moisturizing isn't the only thing that's important for dry skin care. Exfoliation helps to even out the skin's texture and, as a result, apply cosmetics more evenly. But choose only mild and delicate products. Instead of harsh physical exfoliators such as scrubs, choose chemical peels for daily use. For example, those based on lactic acid.

Ditch the foundation

Instead of applying a layer of full coverage foundation hoping to hide dry spots, use a lighter formula. A tinted BB cream or CC cream with moisturizing ingredients is better for you. They will not emphasize areas with flaky skin, and at the same time take care of the face. If you have very dry areas on your skin, try to correct them with concealer.

Do not rub the products in

The technique of applying the product can either visually remove dry skin or make it look worse. Try to apply products in one direction, using a brush or patting technique with a makeup sponge. Avoid vigorous friction, which can increase skin irritation and flaking.

Avoid dry textures

Powder is a great way to mattify your face, but if you have dry skin, you'll need to be careful when using it. Apply it only in areas where you need extra coverage or hold. In addition, choose the finest grind. And also those that do not give full coverage.

Beware of formulas with shine

On the one hand, you need to look for products with additional moisturizing. On the other hand, you need to be careful with formulas that claim to give your skin a glow. Particles that provide shimmer or shine will texture the skin more and emphasize flakiness. If you want to add radiance or shimmer, choose a powder or cream product that doesn't add texture to the skin.

Face spray is your key to success

The most important tip to help you maintain your makeup and avoid dry patches or flaking is to keep a face spray on hand. It will help to fix makeup without applying an additional layer of decorative product to the skin.

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