How to learn to apply eye shadow professionally: tips for beginners

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Eyeshadow can help you express your eyes, but it's important to know the nuances of application and blending. Eye shapes are extremely different, so there is no universal technique that will suit everyone. The same goes for the color scheme. Eyeshadows should be selected based on skin tone, eye color, and hair color.

Some tips will help you master the application procedure. Glamour magazine explains how to learn how to apply eye shadow professionally.

Tip 1

Use at least two (and preferably more) makeup brushes. If you use only one brush, you will: a) have to wash it between each color and b) have to choose between precision and flawless blending.

You should buy at least three options:

  • a short synthetic brush is suitable for applying pigment to the eyelids, as it picks up the maximum amount of product.
  • A fluffy round brush is needed for blending;
  • a rounded brush with dense bristles is for contouring under the eyes for a defined look.

Tip 2

It is important to pre-prepare the area around the eyes so that the eyeshadow does not slip into expression lines. The pre-moisturizing step will also help to create richer colors and increase the durability of the makeup. Makeup artists advise applying eyeshadow before foundation.

Laura Shepherd, makeup artist at Cosmetics à la Carte, emphasized that a high-quality primer will help "absorb" sebum. If you have very oily eyelids, you can lightly sprinkle them with translucent powder after the primer.

Tip 3

When choosing shades, focus on a combination of light and dark colors, starting with the first. Makeup artist Anna Lingis of W7 Cosmetics noted that going from light to dark will give you more control over your shading.

An easy way to get started is to apply a lighter shade to the entire eyelid (using a short synthetic brush), and then add a small amount of the darker shade to the outer crease and blend (using a fluffy dome brush).

Tip 4

Try to highlight the natural crease on the eyelid, which is usually located where the upper edge of the eyeball ends. Looking directly into the mirror with your eyes open, apply the chosen shade above the eyelid with a brush. The cut-crease technique is a special trend in makeup. The emphasis is placed on the crease using dark shades of eyeshadow of different textures to create a light haze effect.

Tip 5

Blending is the best way to soften dark shades and create a smooth transition from color to color, but it can be overdone. If your eyeshadow starts to look smudgy and uneven, you've blended it too much.

If you want to enhance the shade, just add water, makeup artists advise. Use a small synthetic brush and moisten it with a water mist, for example, using a spray bottle.

When you're done applying the eye shadow, use concealer - it should be one shade lighter than the foundation. Apply it from the inner corner of the eye to the beginning of the eyebrow.

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