How to determine the best eyebrow shape for different face shapes

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Your face shape will tell you the perfect eyebrow shape for you. Source: Created with the help of AI

Eyebrow shape is important not only for perfect makeup. It gives the face a certain expression and can emphasize its best features.

To do this, you need to shape your eyebrows correctly. Professional makeup artists and eyebrow artists know how to do it. OBOZ.UA asked them for their advice.

One of the most common mistakes women make when creating an eyebrow line is not knowing where it should start, curve, and end. To determine these points, take any cosmetic pencil or makeup brush.

Place the pencil on the wing of your nose so that it passes through the inner corner of your eye. This is where the pencil touches the brow line and where the hairs should begin.

Then move it so that it passes through the center of the eye. This is how you find the highest point of the eyebrow.

Next, hold the pencil near your nose and move it across the outer corner of your eye. This way you will determine where the tail of the eyebrow should end.

Do not forget to take into account the shape of your face. Eyebrows should be in harmony with it. The golden rule is to choose an eyebrow shape that is opposite to the shape of your face. For example, if you have an elongated face, you should choose a low arch and straight, elongated eyebrows to add width to your face. Here's what professionals advise to choose for different shapes.

Round face: a high curved eyebrow that opens up the gaze and helps to narrow and elongate the face.

Elongated face: the eyebrows should be set quite low, it is better to choose a straight shape and make them long enough.

Square face: to soften this shape, choose arcs with a smooth curve, and avoid sharp and sloping eyebrows.

Rectangular face: a strong jawline with an elongated face shape will be balanced by soft and slightly curved arches.

Triangular face: for this shape, voluminous and wide eyebrows with a pronounced bend and a wide tip tilted downward are best suited, the eyebrow placement should be low.

Heart-shaped face: eyebrows should be wide and lush, with arcs shaped with a soft rounded bend.

Diamond-shaped face: this shape also requires rounded eyebrows, avoid too graphic and clear arcs, and give them the most natural look.

Oval face: the arch of the eyebrow should start and end at the same level, and you should choose a natural shape with a soft but pronounced bend.

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