Young corn casserole that even children can eat: very tender and healthy

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Recipe for a healthy baby corn casserole for children. Source: Pixabay

Corn casserole is very tender, flavorful, and satisfying. It is also quite healthy, as it contains cottage cheese and oatmeal. This is an ideal dish that even children will enjoy. It is extremely easy to prepare by simply mixing all the necessary ingredients together.

The recipe for the tender young corn casserole was published on one of the culinary blogs (moireceptuforeva) on Instagram.

A recipe for tender young corn casserole for children


  • raw corn seeds
  • eggs – 1 pc
  • cottage cheese – 25 g
  • oatmeal – 1 tbsp
How to cook young corn

Method of preparation:

1. Put raw corn seeds, egg, cottage cheese, and oatmeal in a blender. You can add a little salt if children are from 1 year old. Without salt, the casserole will be sweet if the corn is sweet. Grind all the ingredients until smooth.

2. Put the resulting mass into greased molds.

Healthy corn and egg casserole

3. Cook in a double boiler or water bath for about 20 minutes. The casserole will rise well and settle when cooled.

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