What canned food can cause poisoning and why: it is important for every housewife to know

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Many housewives believe that the vast majority of nutrients are lost in home preservation. But this is a myth and not something to worry about. Preparations can become dangerous for consumption if they are not properly cooked or stored.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information and will tell you how to cook canned food properly to make it safe.

Which preservation can cause poisoning

It's no secret that jars will last as long as possible if they are sterilized beforehand.

How to sterilize jars correctly?

To do this, boil the jars for 5-10 minutes. Then you need to put them upside down so that they are completely dry. At the same time, the food you will be preserving should also be sterile – its temperature should be around 100 degrees Celsius.

Why canning can be dangerous

Also, remember that when buying canned food in the store, look carefully at the expiration date. Also, if you see the jar become spherical or slightly bloated on the outside, this indicates that the food has started to ferment.

How to check home canned food?

1. If you notice that the lid is completely domed, or if foam has appeared inside or on the surface and a specific odor is coming from the jar, then the preparation should not be consumed.

How to check if a can of food is unsafe for consumption

2. Also, if the lid is not tightly closed, it indicates that the food may contain a toxin that can cause serious poisoning.

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