What vegetables and flowers are planted in April: a memo for gardeners

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April is a busy time for gardeners and vegetable growers. The quantity and quality of the harvest depends on many aspects: from weather conditions to fertilizer application. Experts once again emphasize that the timing of planting crops in open ground plays an important role.

People have long been advised to focus on the sowing calendar, which determines favorable periods for gardening depending on the phases of the moon. What vegetables and flowers are planted in April - read in the OBOZ.UA article.


Cucumbers can be planted in the garden when 15-20 days have passed since the first seedlings have emerged. The soil should warm up to 18°C, and the nighttime temperature should not drop below 15°C, otherwise there is a risk of freezing. In April, experts recommend sowing cucumbers for growing in a greenhouse.


Tomatoes are quite hardy crops, so they can survive nighttime temperature drops of up to 5-6 ⁰C. April nighttime fluctuations will not affect growth and fruiting, but severe frosts will lead to the death of seedlings. Before planting in the beds, make sure that the seedlings have a thick stem 20-30 cm high and 1-2 flower clusters. The optimal soil temperature is +10 +12 ⁰C.


Zucchini seedlings grow very quickly, so there is no need to rush to sow. You should focus on weather conditions. For example, in the south of Ukraine, zucchini is planted from the end of March, in the middle zone - closer to the second half of April, in the north - until mid-May.

Melons and watermelons

Melons and gourds require a lot of heat, moisture and light. In the southern latitudes, watermelons and melons are sown in the second half of April. Please note that you need to prepare the garden bed well in advance: 7-10 days before starting work, the soil should be covered with bags or agrofibre to raise the temperature by several degrees.


Asters are planted in the first half of April in the southern and central regions, while in the north the dates are shifted to mid-April and even early May.


In favorable warm weather, you can start sowing in the first decade of April to transplant the flowers to flower beds in May. If the spring is cold, it is better not to rush, because the seedlings can outgrow in indoor conditions - in this case, the procedure can be planned for the second half of the month.


These are quite unpretentious plants that can be sown in the first half of April. Small inflorescences have small flowers of various colors. Flowering begins in May and ends in late autumn.

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