Why marinate chops in mineral water: sharing a life hack

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Recipe for chops. Source: thecookingtale.com

Meat chops are very quick and easy to prepare, and this is their main advantage over other meat dishes. It is very important to choose the right meat for the dish, as well as to make the batter.

Chicken chops

The cook shared on Instagram useful tips and life hacks on how to cook juicy and soft chops.

Meat for chops

Mineral water

Pound the meat and cover it with mineral water, add spices and salt and marinate for at least an hour. The mineral water softens the meat fibers.

Mineral Water

A lot of garlic

It will give the meat a very pleasant aroma and flavor. You just need to grate it finely and add it to the mineral water and batter.

Garlic for cooking chops

Egg batter

The most successful and delicious batter is egg batter. You just need to beat the eggs well with salt, add mayonnaise, and be sure to add flour.

The batter for cooking chops

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