Why coconut oil is harmful: experts tell the truth

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Is coconut oil good for you?
Is coconut oil good for you?

Coconut oil is a product that all nutritionists talk about the benefits of, it is advised to use it for frying, but as it turns out, it is not so useful, it is more hyped. Whether to use it or not is, of course, your choice.

The American Heart Association, after conducting research, stated and proved that this is an absolutely harmful and even dangerous product.

To be more precise, experts have stated that if you regularly eat coconut oil, the level of "bad" cholesterol will increase dramatically and, importantly, rapidly.

Coconut oil

"Low-density lipoprotein levels can build up in the arteries, restricting blood flow to the body's cells. With a regular excess of saturated fat, accumulated LDL can clog blood vessels, impeding blood flow, which can subsequently lead to heart failure and increase the risk of stroke," the experts said.

Also, according to nutritionists, coconut oil will cause weight gain.

A tablespoon of coconut oil contains 14 g of saturated fat, while butter and even lard contain much less, and the daily allowance is no more than 13 g

As experts have noted, coconut oil, compared to other vegetable oils, contains a lot of saturated fats, and they are extremely harmful to the body.

But there is also a positive side – cosmetologists recommend using it for cosmetic purposes – for hair, face, and body.

Coconut oil is better to use in cosmetology

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