When to eat fruits and berries so as not to harm the body

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How much fruit and berries can you eat per day. Source: Pixabey

It is simply impossible to resist a variety of seasonal berries and fruits. They are fresh, juicy, flavorful and so delicious. Such products are usually called the best source of vitamins. However, there are also a number of nuances that need to be understood.

A well-known Ukrainian nutritionist Svitlana Fus (dietolog.fus) shared tips for eating seasonal fruits and berries on her Instagram page.

How to eat berries and fruits correctly

Fruits, berries, and vegetables are a great way to thirst quench in the heat. And they do it better than any drinks with sweeteners. They not only help maintain water balance but also bind and remove metabolic products from the body thanks to dietary fiber. ⠀

We often like to eat fruit. And we notice that after such snacks, we get hungry very quickly. So beware, the refrigerator! This is because fruits and berries are easily and quickly digested. They also contain a large amount of organic acids, which, once in the stomach, irritate its walls and increase the secretory function of the stomach and pancreas. This action can not only increase appetite but also cause pain.

A variety of seasonal berries and fruits

The expert recommends eating fruits and berries before the main meal or combine them with cereals, fermented dairy products, or add to vegetable salads. In addition to eating them fresh, they can also be used as sauces for meat, fish, and poultry. It is better to eat sweeter fruits in the daytime so that the sugars (glucose, fructose) that are in the composition have time to be utilized, not stored as fat.

Heat treatment reduces the vitamin content of fruits and berries. Therefore, it is always better to eat fresh fruit than to cook compotes and jams, which will also contain a large amount of sugar. Just like vegetables, fruits and berries can be frozen. Eating them in winter will increase the biological value of the food.

Fruits and berries are best eaten fresh

Other sources of fructose and glucose, such as honey, dried fruit, and confectionery, should be controlled to reduce the risk of excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates in the diet.

The consumption of fruits and berries depends on the general condition of the body

If necessary, select your "fruit plate" based on your health status. For example, in the case of gastritis with high acidity, you should not eat sour berries and fruits, and in the case of obesity and diabetes, you should not eat sweet ones. Consumption of fruit juices, sweet compotes and large quantities of fruit is a risk factor for gout. Excess fructose can increase the production of uric acid and contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

Eat fruits and berries in moderation

The nutritionist shares, "Add fruits and berries to your daily diet. You will make your diet varied, tasty and healthy. And not just in the fall or summer. Just know the measure."

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