What you should know about shawarma: 5 interesting facts

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What you should know about shawarma: 5 interesting facts

Shawarma, doner, kebab, gyros – these are the names of many people's favorite street food. The dish, consisting of fried meat and vegetables wrapped in thin pita bread, has long won the hearts of Ukrainians.

It is extremely difficult to track down who exactly invented shawarma. For example, Easterners claim that they started wrapping meat in pita bread long before the Greeks invented the gyros. They say that in Damascus, back in the 12th century, they came up with the idea of frying meat and wrapping it in thin pita bread.

There is also a Turkish trace in this story. After all, the Turks claim that the famous vertical grill on which they cook meat for shawarma is their invention, as is the whole dish.

However, regardless of who was the first inventor of shawarma, it can be argued that this dish has taken a special place in the hearts of people around the world. Besides, shawarma is a mysterious thing, and here are 5 facts about it that you should know.

Popularity in Germany

As we've already mentioned, shawarma is considered the most popular in Turkey and other Eastern countries. But there are also rumors that it owes its popularity to Germany. In Berlin, in the early 70s, two Turkish migrants opened a small restaurant at a bus stop. They sold fried meat and vegetables wrapped in thin pita bread. And it made a splash! No wonder that today in Germany, shawarma can be bought not only in street tents or kiosks but also in chic restaurants.

Vitamin C and more

You've probably never thought about the fact that shawarma is high in vitamin C. And it's true, because cabbage and tomatoes, the vegetables used in shawarma, are sources of vitamin C. By the way, it helps slow down skin aging and boosts immunity. In addition, pita bread contains a lot of protein, and chicken shawarma can be soothing! Yes, chicken meat contains an essential amino acid called tryptophan, which calms the nervous system.

What you should know about shawarma: 5 interesting facts

Elon Musk recommends

Although the attitude of Ukrainians toward Elon Musk has changed significantly in light of his recent statements, we still have an interesting fact: among cakes and desserts, Elon Musk calls the most delicious highlight of Germany... a doner kebab! At least that's what he tweeted back in 2020.

International Shawarma Day

They say that everything that respects itself should have an international day. And shawarma definitely has one! Since 2013, every February 13, the world celebrates the International Shawarma Day, buys your favorite and eats, eats, eats. It's a kind of rehearsal for Valentine's Day.

Ukrainian record and Döner Market's own recipe from Nasha Ryaba

The following facts belong to Ukrainian shawarma. In 2021, the Döner Market chain set a world record. More than 100 chefs of the chain worked on creating the longest shawarma in the world - its length was almost 130 meters! The Ukrainian and world record was set in Kyiv.

What you should know about shawarma: 5 interesting facts

In addition, Döner Market by Nasha Ryaba is a special shawarma for Ukraine. The chain makes sure that guests who come to enjoy their favorite street food get delicious and safe shawarma. To do this, they use meat from trusted Ukrainian suppliers: chicken from Nasha Ryaba and beef from Skott Smeat.

Also, Döner Market shawarma has its own unique recipe, developed by the famous brand chef Andriy Denysiuk.

And the fact that we did not add to the main part, because it is difficult to deduce statistically - shawarma cheers you up! How can you resist the juicy meat wrapped in pita bread and complemented by fresh vegetables? The expression on your face instantly changes to a happy one!

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