What you should definitely eat for breakfast in the fall: useful tips

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Dishes for breakfast
Dishes for breakfast. Source: pixabay.com

The most important meal is breakfast. In the fall and winter, experts recommend reconsidering breakfast dishes, replacing light summer ones with heartier ones that will give you a boost of energy for several hours.

Cheesecakes for breakfast

The FoodOboz editorial team has collected useful expert advice on breakfast dishes for you in the fall.

What to eat for breakfast in the fall:

Pancakes for breakfast

1. Food and drinks

Hot omelets, cheesecakes, toast, eggs of any kind, baked vegetables, cereals with water and milk, as well as fish and avocados.

Toast for breakfast

As for drinks, herbal teas, cocoa, and warm water can be useful.

2. Vegetables and fruits

The most useful autumn vegetable is pumpkin. It can be baked, and made into pies, porridge, as well as pancakes.

The finished pie

Apples are best baked with cinnamon, cottage cheese, honey, and nuts. You can also make pancakes, and pies, and add apples to porridge for breakfast.

Baked apples

3. Porridge

On an autumn morning, any milk porridge that can be supplemented with berries, spices, and cottage cheese will be an ideal breakfast.

Pumpkin porridge

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