What will spoil cutlets: top 3 products

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Secrets of cooking cutlets without eggs
Secrets of cooking cutlets without eggs. Source:

Cutlets are a dish that everyone loves. They are almost always based on any kind of meat, and it can also be chicken and turkey fillet. Cutlets can also be made from cabbage, fish, legumes, beets, lentils, and mushrooms. But cutlets are not always successful due to incorrect proportions.

How to fry cutlets so that they are not greasy

The FoodOboz editorial team has selected useful tips on how to cook successful, tasty cutlets, and we'll also tell you which 3 ingredients will definitely ruin the taste and texture of cutlets.

Recipe for juicy cutlets

1. Chicken eggs

Chicken eggs

Chicken eggs are added to the minced meat to hold the minced meat together and prevent it from falling apart during the frying process. But in fact, eggs do not play any role in the meat mixture, and their presence does not affect the taste or texture. On the contrary, they can spoil the minced meat by making it runny.

Cutlets without eggs

2. Milk

Milk for making cutlets

It is added to the bread when cooking meatballs. Usually, the bread is soaked in milk and added to the meat. It is believed that milk adds tenderness to the dish. But this is not the case; minced meat with this bread makes it tough and the cutlets lose their juiciness during cooking.

Cutlets without eggs and milk

3. Onions without meat

Raw garlic

Onion is not the best ingredient for minced meat, because it interrupts the natural flavor of the meat product and burns during cooking, so it is better to cook cutlets without it.

Chicken cutlets

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