What to make healthy sandwiches with: tips from a nutritionist

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Healthy sandwiches
Healthy sandwiches. Source: freepik

Sandwiches can be made from any product, but you need to remember that if you want a tasty and healthy dish, then use more vegetables, cheese, fish, and whole grain bread as a base.

How to make healthy sandwiches

Nutritionist Svitlana Fus shared her tips on what to use to make delicious and healthy sandwiches on Instagram.

Recipes for sandwiches

Tips from the expert:

1. You should use bread made with whole wheat flour.

Sandwiches with whole grain bread

2. Add an important ingredient: meat, fish or poultry. Preferably boiled, steamed or baked.

Hearty sandwiches with mushrooms and tuna

3. Do not add any sauces or mayonnaise because they are very high in calories and often not very natural. If you want, use avocado or mustard mixed with greens.

Sandwich spreads

4. Do not forget about greens and vegetables. The more, the better. They will increase the volume and satiate better.

Sandwiches with vegetables

5. You can add spicy herbs for flavor.

Sandwiches with fish and greens

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