What to make healthy homemade toffee: no sugar and no baking

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Recipe for homemade toffee with dates. Source: Pixabay

If you have been looking for an alternative to sweets with a high sugar content for a long time, then you should definitely pay attention to healthy homemade sweets. One of the options is toffee. First, they are healthy because they are made with dates and no added sugar. Secondly, they are extremely easy to prepare because they do not need to be baked.

Food blogger Inna Levenets (inna_levenets) shared a recipe for healthy homemade toffee made from dates that don't require sugar on her Instagram page.

Recipe for healthy homemade toffee made from dates


  • pitted dates - 11 pcs.
  • nut paste - 1\4 glass
  • coconut oil - 1 tbsp
  • cocoa - 1 tbsp
  • chopped nuts - 1\2 cups
Healthy sweets made from dates


  • Granola

Method of preparation:

1. Pour boiling water over the dates and leave for 15 minutes.

2. After that, drain the dates. Put them in a blender with the nut paste, oil, and chopped nuts. Blend until smooth.

Toffee without baking

3. Put the resulting mass evenly in a container lined with parchment.

4. Sprinkle with granola on top. Put in the freezer for 1 hour.

Toffee without sugar and baking

5. When serving, cut the toffee. Store in the refrigerator.

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