What to make from overripe bananas: a recipe for delicious homemade cakes

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Banana bread recipe in the oven. Source: Klopotenko.com

If you have overripe bananas at home, don't rush to throw them away, they will become the basis for homemade banana bread. The pastry is very flavorful, and lush, and grows well.

Food blogger Julia Kopetsoni (julia_kopetsoni ) shared a recipe for banana bread on her Instagram page.

Banana bread recipe in the oven


  • sugar – 170 g
  • flour – 215 g
  • eggs – 2 pcs
  • salt
  • soda – 5 g
  • bananas – 3 pcs
  • butter – 50 g
Lush banana cake without milk

Method of preparation:

1. Bananas mash with a fork to a state of mashed potatoes.

2. Add the melted butter, and stir.

3. Add baking soda, salt and sugar, mix well.

Banana bread for children

4. Add eggs, and mix well.

5. Add the flour and mix. It turns out a thick mass.

Homemade banana bread in the oven

6. Put the resulting mass into a mold. Bake at 180 degrees for 50 minutes.

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