What to eat for breakfast to boost metabolism: the answer of nutrition

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Food that will speed up weight loss. Source: pexels

By eating certain foods for breakfast, you can "speed up" your metabolism and, accordingly, lose weight quickly. In particular, you should start your day with water.

It's important to remember that to really achieve the desired results, you need to start your day the right way, namely with foods that will speed up your metabolism. This was told by nutritionist Anna Berseneva, reports Championship.

You need to start the morning with water

Water with lemon will help to ''start'' the body

Berseneva recommends drinking a glass of water, preferably hot water – 45-50 degrees with a slice of lemon – after waking up to start the body and accelerate metabolism. This is what will help launch all the important processes in the body.

Protein and fiber

Proteins are ideal for breakfast, such as a small piece of white meat or roast beef with whole grain bread or crackers, as well as just eggs. Vegetables rich in fiber, such as green beans, broccoli, and asparagus, are a great addition.

Vegetables are the perfect complement to proteins

It is worth noting that protein and dietary fiber together have a good effect on metabolism.


Spices will speed up your metabolism

According to the expert, metabolism is also accelerated by spices that can be added to almost all dishes, for example:

  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • turmeric.

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