What to cook with seasonal vegetables other than stew: an appetizer and bread spread at the same time

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Vegetable caviar recipe. Source: Pixabay

Seasonal vegetables can now be used to make not only stews but also delicious caviar. It is extremely quick and easy to prepare, and as a result, it can be served as an appetizer or spread on bread. In addition, the dish goes well with meat and chicken.

Food blogger Liliia (lileklilek2) shared a recipe for vegetable caviar made from seasonal vegetables on her Instagram page.

Vegetable caviar recipe from seasonal vegetables


  • bitter pepper
  • carrot
  • onion
  • eggplants
  • tomatoes
  • sweet pepper
  • garlic
How to make caviar from seasonal vegetables

Method of preparation:

1. Wash the vegetables.

2. Cut onions and carrots into medium-sized strips.

3. Peel the eggplant and cut it into strips.

Vegetable caviar for bread and meat

4.  Peel tomatoes and cut into cubes.

5. Cut the pepper into strips.

Quick vegetable caviar that can be eaten right away

6. Add the vegetables to the preheated frying pan at 5-minute intervals in the order they are written. Simmer everything until the liquid evaporates over high heat.

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