What to add to oatmeal to make the porridge fully flavorful: top 5 unusual foods

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Ready-made oatmeal for breakfast
Ready-made oatmeal for breakfast. Source: pexels.com

The best breakfast dish, according to experts, is oatmeal, not instant oatmeal, but flattened oatmeal, which needs to be cooked for at least 15-20 minutes. Children and even adults often do not eat this valuable product because it does not taste as good as, for example, rice or buckwheat. However, you should know that plain oatmeal can be made tasty by simply adding simple foods, spices, oils, berries, and fruits.

How to cook oatmeal correctly

The FoodOboz editorial team has selected a list of 5 simple products that will make oatmeal taste completely different.

Oatmeal with milk for breakfast

1. Hard cheese

This product will give the porridge any shade, it all depends on what kind of cheese you like, more delicate or spicy.

Grated parmesan

2. Olives

They will give the dish a very pleasant salty flavor with a little bitterness, but if you like olives, this will be the best addition to your porridge.

Olives and olives

3. Butter

This is for those who do not like to experiment. Butter will make the porridge tender and more viscous with a pleasant milky flavor.

Natural butter

4. Sun-dried tomatoes

They will be a very bright addition to porridge, give the dish a little spice, and a pleasant sourness, and if you add a little nutmeg to them, a pleasant spicy smell will appear.

Oatmeal with sun-dried tomatoes

5. Poached egg

This is the perfect dish for oatmeal. The liquid yolk will give the porridge a delicate texture and a pleasant taste.

Flattened oatmeal with poached egg

You can also add berries, herbs, lightly salted fish, aromatic oils, spices, and dried herbs to the porridge.

Oatmeal with cherries

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