What to add to liver salad: just one ingredient

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Salad recipe with liver and raspberries. Source: Pexels

Liver is a finicky ingredient, so you need to be more careful when combining it with other foods. You may be surprised, but liver is very tasty when combined with sour fruits and berries, especially raspberries. And if you add an unusual sauce to the salad, you get a rather exotic and colorful dish.

The recipe for the salad with chicken liver and raspberries was published on one of the cooking blogs (recepti_dariko) on Instagram.

Salad recipe with liver and raspberries


  • raspberries - 200 g
  • chicken liver - 1/2 kg
  • spinach and arugula mixture - 150 g
  • red sweet onion - 1/2 pc
  • pistachios - 50 g
  • olive oil - 7 tbsp
  • thick pomegranate sauce, which can be replaced with lemon juice - 4 tbsp
  • salt and pepper
What to cook from the liver

Method of preparation:

1. Wash, dry, peel, and cut the liver into large pieces. Fry lightly in vegetable oil. Season the liver with salt and pepper.

2. Then cut the onion into half rings, peel the pistachios and chop them lightly.

Salad with liver and raspberries

3. At this stage, prepare the sauce: combine olive oil and pomegranate sauce, add salt and raspberries. Blend everything in a blender and then pass through a sieve.

4. Put the greens on a plate, and top with warm liver, raspberries, and onions. Pour over the sauce and sprinkle with pistachios.

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