What salad to cook in tartlets: a festive dish in 10 minutes

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Salad recipe in tartlets for the New Year. Source:

Such salads in tartlets are very convenient to prepare because they replace two dishes at the same time: a salad and an appetizer. You can also put any toppings you like in the tartlets, which also simplifies the cooking process.

Food blogger Tatiana Sheremet (tania_sheremet_) shared a recipe for a New Year's salad with pineapple, grapes, and cheese in tartlets on her Instagram page.

Salad recipe in tartlets for the New Year


  • canned pineapples - 200 g
  • seedless grapes - 300 g
  • hard cheese - 250 g
  • mayonnaise
  • garlic - 1-2 cloves
  • shortbread tartlets
  • salt, pepper
Salad in tartlets for the New Year 2023

Method of preparation:

1. Cut the grapes in half, the cheese and pineapples into cubes.

2. Chop the garlic.

3. Mix grapes, cheese, pineapples and garlic. Season with mayonnaise.

Salad with grapes, pineapples and cheese in tartlets

4. Put the salad in the tartlets.

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