What not to eat milk with: 5 foods

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What not to add milk to
What not to add milk to

If you can't imagine your diet without dairy products, and especially without milk, then you need to know that there are products with which it is simply incompatible. In some cases, such experiments are even very dangerous, so you need to know them in order not to harm your body.

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you what foods you should never consume milk with.

1. Coffee with milk

Coffee is best drunk without milk

It's a surprising fact, but if you add milk to your coffee, the protein neutralizes the effect of caffeine and it will work the other way around – you won't feel refreshed, you'll feel sleepy.

2. Milk and seafood

Milk with seafood is better not to use categorically

Do not even doubt that this "wonderful" combination will give you discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. The problem is that when two proteins collide, the body becomes oversaturated with protein and may simply not be able to cope with such a load.

3. Milk and fruit

Do not consume fruit with milk either

If you eat some kind of dairy dessert with fruit in the afternoon, it will be a strong blow to the pancreas and you will get heartburn as a result.

4. Milk and vegetables

Cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini are vegetables that go very well with meat products but are not friends with milk.

5. Milk and eggs

Omelette is best made without milk

Nutritionists don't recommend cooking eggs with milk, as it's just a "protein kick" if you add cheese. It's better to make an omelet without milk or boil the eggs altogether.

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