What not to eat for breakfast: top 12 popular foods that everyone eats

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Products for breakfast
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Breakfast is a very important and, according to experts, the most important meal that gives you a boost of energy for several hours. Therefore, it should be as healthy, balanced and, of course, delicious as possible.

Yogurt with additives

Nutritionist Olga Usenko shared on Instagram what foods you should definitely avoid for breakfast.

Experts do not recommend eating fatty, spicy, sweet, fried foods for breakfast, as well as drinking coffee, which will irritate the stomach walls. The best foods to eat for breakfast are: watered porridge, soup, natural yogurt with berries, omelets, poached eggs, fish sandwiches, and salads.

Tips from a nutritionist

Top 12 foods to avoid:

Milk porridge for breakfast

1. White bread/toast

Toast and white bread are not satiating foods, and they are not made from whole grains. Therefore, it is better to choose whole-grain bread and to supplement it with eggs and fish.

White bread

2. Pancakes

They are based on heavy dough and a lot of sugar, which is harmful to the body. The feeling of satiety after such a breakfast lasts more than 1 hour. In addition, pancakes and pancakes are often served with sweet jams and condensed milk, which will further increase blood sugar levels after eating.

3. Sauces

Sauces often cause heartburn, and if you eat the sauce with a fried egg for breakfast, you will deal a double blow to your stomach. Strong blood flow causes an increase in the secretion of gastric juice and its excess is thrown into the esophagus, causing an unpleasant burning sensation.

4. Nutella and jams

5. Sausage

Bacon with sauce

6. Sausages

7. Bacon

8. Milk porridge

9. Juices

They are unhealthy because they are pure sugar and carbohydrates. In addition, the feeling of hunger will not leave you.

Apricot juice

10. Dry sweet breakfast cereals or flakes

Breakfast cereals are often high in carbohydrates and sugar, but low in fiber. As a result, they can lead to blood sugar spikes that can cause your mood to change dramatically. But there is a way out for cereal lovers! Just check the ingredients and make sure your breakfast contains fiber (at least 3 grams per serving).

Breakfast oatmeal

11. Candied fruit

12. Pickles of any kind

These products have nothing useful except a pleasant taste, and besides, they contain a lot of acid, which negatively affects the stomach.

"If you remove the products from this list, you will have the most useful options for delicious foods and breakfast dishes," the expert summarized.

What to eat for breakfast

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