What kind of alcohol can be drunk in the heat without harming your health: an expert named one drink. Exclusive

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What to drink in summer
What you can drink in the summer

On hot summer days, the main drink is plain water, and the food is light vegetable salads, berries, fruits, and protein foods that are quickly digested and do not cause discomfort. Experts strongly discourage drinking alcoholic beverages, as well as eating fatty, fried meat and hot sauces in the summer.

Homemade raspberry tincture

Dr. Viktor Lytvynenko, a physician, told FoodOboz about drinking alcoholic beverages in the heat and the consequences, as well as about acceptable doses and harmless drinks in an exclusive commentary.

What wine to drink in summer

What is the danger of drinking alcohol in the heat?

Cocktail ''Aperol''

This may cause:

1. Dehydration.

2. Blood clotting because the body loses the liquid part of the plasma, as a result, the blood becomes very thick.

Red wine

3. As a result of blood clotting, there is a risk of getting any blood clots.

4. The occurrence of problems with the cardiovascular system – coronary heart disease, which can result in strokes, heart attacks, and even death.

Alcoholic cocktail

5. All chronic diseases are exacerbated by alcohol, which turns them from remission to exacerbation.

What can you drink in the heat?

Clean water

"Drinking strong alcoholic beverages in the heat is not recommended. This is because even at low and normal air temperatures, a lot of water is needed to break down alcohol, and on hot days, even more water is needed," the expert explains.

Water with lemon

How much water should you drink per day?

"To feel good, on hot days you need to drink 1.5 to 3 liters of clean water for an adult," the doctor recommends.

Water with lemon and ice

Is there any alcohol that can still be drunk in the summer?

Low-alcohol cocktail

"Yes, this is a white dry wine. It even contains useful trace elements, but it should be diluted with water – 1:1, then it will be safe if a person has no health problems," the expert said.

White dry wine

How much white dry wine can I drink?

How much white dry wine can you drink

"It is very individual and depends solely on the state of health, but 200 ml of white dry wine diluted with 200 ml of water will not harm a healthy person," the expert summarized.

White dry wine with water

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