What ingredients should never be added to pancake batter: top 3 products

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Homemade pancakes
Homemade pancakes. Source: Good Housekeeping

Pancakes are the simplest and easiest flour dish to make. The dough can be made with milk, sour cream, water, and whey. For the filling, you can use a variety of products, from meat and fish to cottage cheese, berries, and fruit.

Secrets of making thin pancakes

The FoodOboz editorial team shares with you useful tips from culinary experts on what products should not be added to pancake batter to make them tasty and not torn.

Thin pancakes with milk


Eggs for dough

Eggs give the pancake batter a very delicate flavor and pleasant color, but you need to know that only 1 egg per 500 ml of milk will be enough, but not more.

Pancakes on egg dough

Baking soda

How to make delicious pancakes

Soda is a product that makes the dough puffy, but it's worth remembering that you need to add it carefully, especially to pancake batter, so that it doesn't become rubbery. The ideal proportions are that 500 ml of batter requires only 2.5 g of baking soda.

What to add to pancake batter



Melted butter can make the dough tender, but if you add too much, the pancakes can become greasy.

Delicious pancakes

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