What foods you should never eat before drinking alcohol: expert tips

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Food and alcohol
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Alcoholic beverages are drinks based on harmful ethyl alcohol, which has a very negative effect on the body in general, so experts recommend refraining from drinking them. It is worth noting that there are many types of alcoholic beverages, most of which are produced by fermentation. Alcohol is also used to make marinades.


Nutritionist Amanda Sauceda has named foods that should be avoided before drinking alcohol and explained why, The Sun reports.

What not to eat before drinking alcohol

The expert noted that when drinking alcohol, everyone often eats unhealthy, fried, spicy foods, which can cause heartburns.

Delicious strawberry wine

What not to eat before drinking alcohol

Alcoholic beverages


Chocolate can become dangerous

This product contains caffeine, which, when combined with alcohol, will have a negative effect on the body. Another feature of chocolate is that it can mask the symptoms of alcohol consumption, which can give you a false sense that you can drink more.


The expert recommends guacamole as a snack for alcohol because avocados are a good source of healthy fats that help slow down the absorption of alcohol.

Fried meat

Fried and spicy foods

"Such foods irritate the stomach walls, so you should avoid them, especially before drinking alcohol," the expert said.

Healthy vegetable salad

What to eat before drinking alcohol

The expert advises eating hearty meals, such as oatmeal or meat, stews, or baked potatoes with fresh vegetables.

Oatmeal with poached egg

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