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On hot summer days, we should all drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water, preferably with lemon. You can also make homemade delicious natural lemonades and iced teas that are so refreshing, but it is very important to know that there are drinks that can regulate sleep, and also those that are better to avoid before bed.

The FoodOboz editorial team has selected 5 drinks that you should avoid before bed and why.

1. Coffee

It is better not to drink coffee at night

You should definitely give up this drink before going to bed, as you can't fall asleep because of the large dose of caffeine that will give you a boost of energy in 20 minutes. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink coffee later than 18:00.

2. Green tea

Green tea is very diuretic

Experts do not recommend drinking green tea at night because it has a diuretic effect. Therefore, drinking a cup of the drink at night can lead to puffiness in the morning, as well as restless sleep.

3. Kefir

Kefir can cause heartburn in the morning

If you want your stomach to rest at night, it is better to give up kefir, because kefir contains protein that takes a long time to digest, so the human body does not recover overnight. And if a person with gastritis drinks kefir at night, he or she may experience heartburn in the morning.

4. Water

Water at night does not have to be abused

It is better to avoid water before going to bed, as it puts an extra strain on your kidneys. Also, if you drink water at night, you may experience severe swelling in the morning.

5. Kvass, sweet waters

It is better to give up kvass at night

Even if it's homemade kvass, you should give it up at night. First of all, this drink has no health benefits, and secondly, it is carbonated, which will cause stomach discomfort.

It's better to drink a cup of herbal tea with honey and mint before going to bed - it relaxes very well and gives you a great sleep.

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