What dishes and drinks were stolen by the USSR: some still think they were invented there

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What were the products in the USSR like?
What were the products in the USSR

There was a shortage of quality products in the USSR, and very often you had to stand in a long line to buy even a simple sausage or canned food. Later, foreign products began to appear and became very popular, such as hamburgers, ketchup, juices, and alcoholic beverages, which became forever an "invention" of the USSR.

What products could be bought in Soviet stores

The FoodOboz editorial team shares information about what food and drinks the USSR stole from other countries.

Medicinal sausage

This product was imported from the United States. As a result, the only thing that was changed in the Union was the addition of the word "medicinal" in the name of the sausage, which was supposed to emphasize its health benefits.

What sausage was popular in the USSR

Mayonnaise and ketchup

In 1937, the USSR used a sauce made of eggs and mustard, which we all know the taste of – mayonnaise. But ketchup was a real novelty for the average Soviet person. It began to be mass-produced in the USSR and was a sauce for almost all dishes, even soups.

Delicious ketchup


This is a signature American dish that the USSR also tried to produce. More and more kiosks appeared on the streets of cities where you could buy hamburgers with chicken or beef cutlets. The price of one hamburger was 50 kopecks.

Juicy hamburger

Coca-Cola and lemonade, orange juice for breakfast

There was no money to produce Coca-Cola, so it was replaced by lemonades, which were popular in the USSR but were also spied on.

Tomato juice

It is worth noting that in the United States it was popular to drink orange juice for breakfast, but in the Union it was replaced by tomato juice. It was first added to the menus of kindergartens, schools, and factory canteens without fail, and then it was available in every grocery store.

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