What cookware is the safest to cook jam in: we share our recommendations

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What can you cook jam in
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In the summer, during the preservation season, all housewives prepare various preparations for the winter in the form of pickles, jam, preserves, jams, compote, and salads. However, not everyone knows what kind of cookware, for example, is the best and safest for making delicious and healthy jam.

How to make thick jam

The FoodOboz editorial team has selected a list of 5 items from the safest cookware in which to make jam.

Strawberry jam

To begin with, it is not recommended to use narrow pots with high walls for making jam, as such cookware will not allow the moisture to evaporate completely. It is also important that the pans for making jam have a smooth and even bottom, which contributes to the even heating of the pan.

A pot for making jam

What kind of metal can be used to make jam:

1. Copper

In what dishes is it best to cook jam

Copper cookware is characterized by a high level of thermal conductivity, and it also has excellent antibacterial properties. However, it is worth noting that copper can oxidize, so it is less and less used for making jams.

2. Enameled cookware

Enameled saucepan

Enamel coating helps to preserve the beneficial properties of food and does not affect the taste, but the cookware must be free of damage. It is worth noting that enameled cookware is resistant to high temperatures.

3. Cast iron

Cast iron saucepan

For making jam, it is best to use cast iron containers with an enamel or non-stick coating. Since cast iron itself is not resistant to acids, it is not recommended to cook currant, cherry, and other sour berries in a cast iron pot.

4. Stainless steel

Cooking pots and pans

Stainless steel cookware is the best option for making jam. This is because steel is a chemically inert material that is not subject to corrosion, oxidation, or mechanical damage.

Homemade cherry jam

5. Glass

In what dishes is it best to cook jam

Glassware is suitable for making berry jams because it is chemically inert, does not affect the taste of the dish, and is resistant to burning.

Set of pots and pans

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