What are the benefits of lard and who should not eat it: expert answer

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The benefits of lard
The benefits of lard

Lard is a very nutritious and healthy product that is perfectly digestible and has a whole list of essential vitamins and minerals. But don't forget that like all foods, even the healthiest ones, it has contraindications.

The benefits of lard

Nutritionist Tetiana Lakusta explained why lard is beneficial and who shouldn't eat it on Instagram.

Who can eat lard

1. Lard is a food for survival

"This product can withstand years of storage in salt, does not deteriorate on the road, and provides powerful satiety during hard work. Lard is a food rich in omega-9 (oleic fatty acids), and these fatty acids do not stimulate pro-inflammatory processes in the body. The product is also a powerful stimulant of bile formation and gallbladder contraction," the expert said.

Lard with garlic

2. Lard is a high-energy food

"Therefore, it is worth knowing the amount recommended to be consumed per day, which is a piece the size of a thumb, about 20-30 grams per day," the nutritionist recommends.

How much lard can you eat per day

3. Eat lard to strengthen your nerves

"It contains choline, and this substance rebuilds nerve membranes and forms acetylcholine, a brain neurotransmitter that, for example, stabilizes the brain under stress," the expert explained.

Lard with greens

4. Lard loves company

"It is best served with garlic, mustard, and herbs. For example, garlic allicin has cholesterol-lowering properties, greens are a source of folate and magnesium, and mustard has sinigrin with antibacterial properties!" the expert said.

What to eat lard with

Who should not eat lard:

- Children under 5 and pregnant women as there is a risk of listeriosis.

- Patients with gallstone disease as there is a risk of provoking the movement of calculi.

Lard sandwiches

- Those with lipid metabolism diseases.

- Children with signs of teething.

Home lard

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