Waffle cake in a new way: what an unusual cream to make

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Recipe for a wafer cake with "Cow" candy cream. Source: Screenshot of the Onyshkevychi recipe on YouTube

Waffle cake is a timeless classic and a favorite dessert from childhood, adored by both adults and children. In the classic version, condensed milk is used as the cream. For an updated version, you can make an unusual caramel cream from Korovka candies.

A recipe for a waffle cake with an unusual candy cream was published on one of the Onyshkevychi cooking blogs on YouTube.

Recipe for waffle cake with candy cream ''Cow''


  • candies "Cow" - 500 g
  • butter - 180 g
  • waffles - 8 pcs
Wafer cake in a new way with candy

Method of preparation:

1. To make the cream, mix butter and candy in a saucepan or deep frying pan. Put it on the stove and dissolve the ingredients over low heat. During the cooking process, the mass will need to be constantly stirred and removed from the heat when the caramel begins to boil.

Unusual cream for a waffle cake

2. While the cream is hot, grease the wafers and assemble the cake. For one wafer, 3 tbsp of cream is enough. The remaining cream can be collected with a knife or a pastry spatula.

Waffle cake from childhood

3. When the cake is completely assembled, put some weight on top of the last cake, you can use a wooden cutting board, and leave it in this position for 30 minutes. After that, the cake can be eaten.

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