Unusual food combinations that will appeal to many

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Combination of butter and bread

Most of us have food, the sight, aroma, and taste of which evokes warm emotions in our subconscious – supported by emotional memories. Most often positive ones, but it can also be the other way around.

As a rule, "soulful" foods are certain combinations of products that were part of this pleasant state of mind – "in the moment". Today, FoodOboz editorial team is sharing food combinations that have become special for nutritionist Anna Kovalenko's subscribers. Anna posted a list of these combinations on her Instagram page.

Users associate this food with childhood, pregnancy, first date, and home.

  • Bread + Butter + Honey + Milk

Association – breakfast at grandma's house

Combination of butter, milk, bread and honey
  • White bread + butter + black tea with sugar

Association – children's soda

Combination of white bread, butter and tea
  • Watermelon + Black bread

Association – gatherings with dad

Watermelon and bread
  • Apricot jam + Bread + Milk

Association – goodies from mom

Combination of apricot jam, bread and milk
  • Mackerel + Sauerkraut

Association – pregnancy

Mackerel and sauerkraut
  • Fresh salad + Fragrant sunflower oil

Association – vacation in the countryside

Lettuce leaves and sunflower oil
  • Strawberries + Champagne

Association – the first date with a man

Strawberries and champagne

The nutritionist notes:

"Such combinations often do not fit into standard nutritional understandings and are definitely not part of a healthy diet, but during a stressful state inside, the subconscious mind can "offer" them – for a kind of compensation, to equalize the emotional balance.

Whether or not to use this "method" depends on the situation that you "want" to compensate for in this way.

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