"Tornado" omelet in 3 minutes: we tell you how to cook an original breakfast dish

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Omelet recipe
Omelet recipe. Source: screenshot from the video on Instagram

Eggs are a very healthy and tasty product that contains a lot of valuable vitamins and minerals that are so necessary for the body. It is best to eat them in a form where the yolk is runny, so they are most useful. It is an ideal product for breakfast.

What to make a fluffy omelet from

The FoodOboz editorial team has chosen for you a recipe for a delicious, tender, and very original breakfast omelet called "Tornado" because of its unusual cooking technology.

Omelet with cheese and vegetables


  • eggs
Chicken eggs
  • butter
Fluffy omelet
  • Salt

What to serve with:

  • marinara sauce
  • boiled or fried rice
Sauces for the dish
  • soy sauce
  • green onions

Method of preparation:

1. Beat eggs with salt.

How to make a delicious omelet for breakfast

2. Heat a frying pan, and melt the butter.

Butter for making an omelet

3. Pour the egg mixture, let it set a little, and then use sushi sticks to form a fold, and then gently and slowly scroll the omelet so that the mixture, which has not yet frozen, pours into the pan and forms more and more folds. The omelet should form a beautiful spiral, although the eggs remain undercooked, but will have time to thicken and become like a creamy mass.

Ready-made omelet

You can serve the dish with rice, sauces, green onions, and fresh vegetables!

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