Three foods that can derail weight loss

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What foods can make you gain weight again
What foods can make you gain weight again

If you decide to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight properly, you should not only give up sweets, baked goods, and carbonated drinks, but also a number of "right" foods. The thing is that they can provoke a breakdown and instead of losing weight, you will only gain weight.

The FoodOboz editorial team has prepared a list of dangerous foods that can not only provoke a diet breakdown, but also increase the likelihood of weight gain after losing weight.

Rice is a non-dietary product
  1. <b>White bread.</b>
  2. <b>White potatoes.</b>
  3. <b>White rice.</b>

The thing is, according to a study conducted by Diabetes Care, foods with a high glycemic index (GI), such as white bread, potatoes, and white rice, have been shown to increase the risk of weight gain after weight loss.

Bread should definitely not be eaten after losing weight

What to do to avoid gaining weight again:

Peace and Nutrition dietitian and nutritionist Shana Jaramillo, MD, recommends slowly reintroducing these foods into your diet after losing weight, because reintroducing them quickly is dangerous because you will gain them back very quickly.

She also noted that, if possible, it is better to either give up these foods altogether or minimize their consumption.

It is better to give up potatoes after losing weight
When we reintroduce any carbohydrates, we will see a rapid weight gain. Most of this will be due to fluid movement.

The expert also noted that it is better to switch to low GI foods, not only because of changes in blood glucose levels, but simply even because these foods usually contain more fiber, protein, or fat.

This means that you tend to eat less of them - because they are more satiating, and this reduces your overall calorie intake, which can lead to weight loss or weight maintenance. In addition, you get the numerous benefits associated with high fiber, such as improved cardiovascular health and improved digestive function.

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