The right way to boil eggs was found in a book of the twentieth century

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The right way to boil eggs was found in a twentieth-century book / depositphotos

A life hack on how to boil eggs correctly has appeared on the Internet – you need to hold them in cold water for a while before cooking.

According to Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher, author of the cult food book How to Cook a Wolf, published in 1942, everyone makes the same mistake when it comes to boiled eggs, and it has to do with the temperature of the water, the Mirror reports.

After holding the eggs in cold water, they should be placed in water, bringing them to a boil over low heat – this way they will cook evenly.

The second way to properly cook eggs is to put them in a small saucepan, then quickly heat it, and as soon as the water boils, take out the eggs. Fisher considers this method the best: the dish is very tender.

British experts analyzed the book and concluded that many people around the world are used to boiling eggs by simply throwing them into the water, but this is the wrong process. Those who throw eggs into boiling water are acting quite recklessly because in this case, the white will completely curdle, but the yolk will remain liquid.

Many netizens were reportedly surprised by the correct process, and some even admitted that they noticed a difference in the cooked dish, for which different approaches were used.

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