The best wine snacks: what to serve with red, white, rosé and sparkling wine

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What appetizers go with different wines
What appetizers go with different wines

The right food for a drink can not only emphasize its taste but also reveal it in a completely new way, giving it special notes and flavor. But you need to be extremely careful here, as the wrong snacks can completely ruin delicious drinks.

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you all the subtleties of the right food for different types of wine, from dry reds to sweet sparkling wines.

To begin with, remember that the more complex the drink, the simpler the food should be.

The right appetizers for red wines:

proper appetizers

Meat and sausages

Typically, red wine has a rich flavor and is best paired with meat, such as steaks, barbecue, baked meat, barbecue sausages, and raw smoked sausage.


Cheese with mold does not go well with wines

You can serve hard, slightly salty cheeses, such as aged cheddar, manchego, Stilton, and smoked gouda. And it is better to complement them with toasted toast. Light young wines (for example, Pinot Noir) are usually served with a soft brie, gruyere, or camembert. Dry wines with a pronounced spicy flavor can be complemented with gorgonzola, roquefort, and buxton blue.


Fresh vegetables and grilled vegetables are perfect.

The right appetizers for white wines:

White wine

Fish and seafood

Fish goes well with wines

This is the most successful combination; they bring out the flavor of the wine very well, and they also take on a completely different taste.

Remember: fattier fish goes with wine with a pronounced acidity. But any kind of seafood will do – shrimp, mussels, squid, octopus, crabs.


Appetizers for wines

White wines go well with chicken, turkey, rabbit, or tender veal. But do not fry them too much, as this will spoil the taste of the wine.


Cheeses are suitable for any type of wine

Of course, they will be a great company for white wines. Delicate, not-too-salty goat cheeses will complement almost any white wine.

Ricotta and mozzarella are a great option and can be served with toasted toast and fresh vegetables.

Hard cheeses such as emmenthal, cheddar, parmesan, and pecorino are also suitable for dry white wines. But cheese with blue mold is not very suitable for a fine drink.


These foods are also a great match for white wines, both raw and baked.


Desserts and pastries also go well with wines

But this applies only to sweet and semi-sweet drinks, various pies, mousses, cakes, and fresh croissants are perfect for them, but chocolate is not.

The right snacks for rosé wines

Fish and seafood go with rosé wines

White and red fish, seafood, as well as cheeses, fruits, desserts, pasta, and pizza, smoked meat, and canapes with pates are perfect for such exquisite drinks as rosé wines.

The right snacks for sparkling wines

Fruit can be a great addition to wines

Dry sparkling wines are popular with seafood and cheeses. It is better to avoid chocolate and hot snacks, as they can spoil the fine, delicate taste of the drinks.

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