The best way to replace salt: 5 options

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Spices that will suit all dishes
Spices that will suit all dishes

Salt is a very harmful product, with a daily allowance of only 5 grams. But don't forget that this is only the amount we can control, and we can only imagine how much more we eat without looking.

Therefore, the FoodOboz editorial team has prepared 5 natural spices for you that can be a great alternative to salt, and most importantly, they are completely safe.


Tarragon is ideal for fish, poultry dishes

Tarragon is ideal for fish, poultry, beef, and vegetable soups, eggs, and salads. It is best to add it at the end of cooking to give it a very pleasant flavor.


Turmeric will add brightness to dishes

It is best to mix it with ginger and season rice, meat, and vegetable dishes, the taste will be amazing.


Paprika is perfect for meat dishes

This spicy seasoning is best added to meat dishes instead of salt. For example, to chicken, lamb, and also to fish, but in smaller quantities.


A sprig of rosemary makes a dish special

This seasoning can be added to almost every dish. With potatoes, meat, and beans, it will reveal itself one at a time, but with pizza and bread, for example, it will be completely different, but it will also be very tasty.


Coriander adds spicy flavor to chicken

This seasoning loves salads, fish, chicken, and soups. It is best to use fresh leaves, which have a richer flavor, but dry leaves are also acceptable.

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