The best of casseroles and cheesecakes: apricot curd pie according to Tetiana Lytvynova's recipe

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Pie recipe
Pie recipe. Source:

Apricots are delicious, flavorful, and very healthy summer fruits. They are often used to make compotes, jams, preserves, pie fillings, and delicious ice cream and sauces.

A delicious berry pie

Cook Tetiana Lytvynova shared on Instagram a recipe for a delicious apricot pie on cottage cheese dough that will be better than casseroles and cheesecakes.

How to make a delicious apricot pie


  • Cottage cheese 9% – 600 g
Cheese for the dish
  • Eggs – 6 pcs
Homemade eggs and flour
  • Sugar – 360 g
  • Butter – 140 g
  • Vanilla sugar – 20 g
  • Baking powder – 30
Wheat flour
  • Lemon zest – 1 pc
Eggs and lemons
  • Salt – 1 tsp
  • Wheat flour – 440 g
Baking powder for dough
  • Cardamom – 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

1. Beat the cottage cheese into a paste with an immersion blender.

Cheese for the pie

2. Beat the eggs with the sugar.

Preparing the dough

3. Add the lemon zest and cardamom to the butter at room temperature.

Butter and eggs

4. Sift the flour, and add the baking powder and salt.

Pie dough

5. Add the beaten cheese to the beaten eggs, then the butter and spices, then the flour, and mix gently.

Cooking the Pie

6. Put the dough on a baking sheet covered with parchment.

7. Place the apricot halves tightly on top and bake for 1 hour at 160°C.

Ripe apricots

7. Spread the finished cake with apricot jam and sprinkle with toasted almonds and powdered sugar.

Homemade cheese pie

The pie will be very tasty and flavorful! You can serve the dessert hot with ice cream.

Ice cream pie

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