The best dough for chebureks: the pies will be crispy and juicy

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Recipe for dough for chebureks. Source:

Chebureks are a dish that everyone loves. Ideally, they are crispy and always juicy. The best and most versatile dough for them is ordinary water-based one, which is made from two main ingredients: flour and water.

The recipe for a successful dough and meat and vegetable filling for chebureks was published on one of KIIT's culinary blogs on YouTube.

Recipe for dough for chebureks

The dough:

  • water (warm) - 250 ml
  • flour - 500 g
  • salt - 1 tsp.

Meat filling:

  • meat - 300 g (beef + pork)
  • salt - 1 tsp.
  • onion - 1 pc
  • mixture of peppers/freshly ground pepper
  • cold water
Crispy chebureks with juicy filling

Vegetable filling:

  • cucumber - 1 pc
  • tomato - 1 pc
  • sweet pepper - 1 pc
  • onion - 1 pc
  • cheese - to taste
  • mixture of peppers/freshly ground pepper
  • oil for frying - 400 ml

Method of preparation:

1. Let's start by making the dough. To do this, salt the water and gradually add flour. First add one third of it and knead with a spoon to avoid lumps. Next, add another part of the flour and when the dough does not stick to the bowl, you can put it on a hard surface and knead with the rest of the flour. It should turn elastic and soft. Cover the dough and leave it for a while while you prepare the filling.

The best water-based dough for chebureks

2. For the meat filling, grind the meat into minced meat, or take the ready-made, and cut the onion into cubes. Mix all the necessary ingredients.

3. For the vegetable filling, cut the vegetables and cheese into cubes. Mix all the necessary ingredients.

4. After that, pout vegetable oil in a preheated pan.

Water-based dough for chebureks

5. Prepare 4-5 circles of dough, namely roll them out thinly.

6. Put the filling on one part of each circle and form a cheburek.

7. Fry the chebureks and put them on napkins or paper towels to drain the excess oil.

Chebureks with meat and vegetable filling

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