Tastier than ice cream: no-bake strawberry and banana dessert without sugar

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Dessert recipe
Dessert recipe

Strawberries and bananas are fruits that go together perfectly. They make tender and delicious ice cream, as well as pie and fruit salad.

What to cook with strawberry and banana

The cook shared a recipe for a delicious and easy-to-prepare strawberry and banana dessert on Instagram.



  • strawberries and banana
  • yogurt (thick)
  • white chocolate or milk chocolate

Method of preparation:

1️. Wash strawberries well and cut them into small pieces. Add chopped banana.

Strawberry and banana

2️. Add yogurt. It is important to choose thick yogurt.

Base for the dish

3. Mix well and place on parchment. Put it in the freezer until it hardens.


Optionally, you can top with chocolate!

Ready-made dish

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