Summer tiramisu with strawberries and delicate cream: we share the recipe for the most delicious and simple dessert

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Tiramisu with strawberries
Tiramisu with strawberries. Source: Pexels

The best summer dessert is a delicate tiramisu, based on savoyardi cookies and flavored cream. If you want the dessert to be not too sweet, add berries, such as strawberries. It is worth noting that alcohol is not necessary to add to the dessert.

Tiramisu with banana

Cook Tetiana shared a recipe for delicious tiramisu with strawberries and delicate egg cream on Instagram.

Tiramisu recipe


  • strawberries - 300 g
  • Savoyardi biscuits - 200 g
  • lemon juice or flavored alcohol - 1 tbsp
  • powdered sugar - 70 g
  • egg yolks - 4 pcs.
  • sugar - 140 g
  • water - 40 ml
  • cream - 200 g
  • mascarpone - 250 g
  • strawberries for decoration

Method of preparation:

1. Blend the strawberries, powdered sugar and alcohol in a blender.

Strawberries for dessert

2. Cream: put the yolks in a bowl, pour the sugar into a small saucepan, pour in water and put on medium heat, bring the syrup to a boil and cook until 118 C. Whisk the yolks, and when they lighten, you can add the syrup in a thin stream, continuing to whisk until the mass is completely cooled.

Syrup for making cream

3. Whip the cold cream into a thick mass. Add the mascarpone and syrup. At first, just mix on low speed until everything is mixed into a more or less homogeneous mass, and then add a little mixer speed and beat into a fluffy smooth cream.

Gentle cream

4. Assemble the dessert: dip each cookie in the strawberry mixture and put it in a layer in the mold. Put half of the cream on top and smooth. The second layer is again cookies and cream.

Making tiramisu

Garnish the dessert with strawberries, cover with a lid or cling film, and refrigerate for 12 hours.

Ready-made dessert

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