Refreshing watermelon mojito: a recipe for a non-alcoholic summer drink

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Watermelon mojito recipe. Source: Pixabay

The watermelon season has begun. In general, this berry is great on its own and, thanks to its high juice content, is a great thirst quencher in the summer heat. But there is a slightly better option, namely, watermelon mojito. The drink is completely non-alcoholic and perfectly combines notes of aromatic mint and sour citrus.

Chef Sergey Pokanevich shared a recipe for a refreshing watermelon mojito on his Instagram page.

Recipe for a non-alcoholic mojito made from watermelon


  • watermelon - 1 pc.
  • lime \ lemon - 1 pc
  • mint - 1 bunch
  • sparkling water - 1 liter
  • ice
How to quickly make a mojito from watermelon

Method of preparation:

1. Using a ladle to select all the flesh of the watermelon. Beat it with a blender.

2. Additionally strain the pulp through a sieve.

3. The resulting liquid to combine with ice and mint.

Non-alcoholic watermelon mojito

4. Cut the lemon/lime into slices and add to the drink.

5. Pour sparkling water into the mojito. Stir to mix.

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