Potato and herring salad: a recipe for a hearty and budget-friendly dinner dish

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Delicious salad with herring and potatoes. Source: foodish.org

Herring and potatoes are the best combination for salads and appetizers. Add green onions, peas, garlic, and spices for a bright flavor.

Healthy beetroot and herring salad

The cook shared a recipe on Instagram for a very healthy, tasty, and satisfying herring salad with potatoes and dill.

Salad recipe


  • boiled potatoes – 4 pcs
  • herring – 1 pc (250-300 g)
  • green onions – a bunch
  • dill – a bunch
  • butter
  • canned peas – 200-250 g
  • Canned cucumber – 4-5 pcs
  • salt – 2/3 tsp (salt to taste)
  • mustard in grains - 1 tsp
  • ground black pepper (to taste)

Method of preparation:

1️. Cut boiled potatoes, canned cucumbers, and lightly salted herring into small cubes.

Salad ingredients

2. Transfer to a plate and add finely chopped dill, canned peas and green onions.


3. For the dressing: mix oil, salt, mustard seeds, ground black pepper and pour over the salad.

Ready-made salad

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